Wake Up Channeled Essential Oil Blend

Wake Up Channeled Essential Oil Blend


Having difficulty staying awake and alert? This blend of bright and vibrant scented essential oils is here to help.

The elixir of clear quartz and fluorite are combined with the essential oils of:

~ En-R-Gee

~ Orange




Fluorite is a stone of focus and clarity. Clear Quartz amplifies one’s energy and also amplifies any additional crystals it’s paired with.

All blends are high vibrational and made only with 100% therapeutic grade essential oil by Young Living.

The roller bottle used is fixed with a stainless steel roller ball. This prevents leaking and a smooth application of the blend onto your skin.

* Please note the crystals shown here are representations of the crystals used.

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While most people will not have a reaction, the chance of phototoxicity is possible to some skin types. Phototoxicity is a toxic reaction provoked by UV light. The essential oils of orange and tangerine contained here, can cause a phototoxic reaction on the skin.If you are prone to sensitivity using cold pressed citrus oils, it’s recommended to apply the oil to a location that will not be exposed to natural sunlight, such as the bottom of your feet. Inhalation is also another form of use for this blend.