Beyond Rose Quartz eBook

Beyond Rose Quartz eBook


In this eBook, you'll learn about crystals that take you beyond the well known crystals like ose Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine. While these are all great stones to work with, I'm going to take your crystal experience a little deeper. You'll learn some easy techniques for cleansing your little rock babies and I'll also share with you some fun ways to create crystal grids to help boost your manifesting abilities. Along with crystals for astrology, your chakras and Feng Shui for your home, office and any space you occupy!

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What readers are saying about Beyond Rose Quartz:

  • “So glad I got my copy!” - V.S. of Los Angeles, CA

  • “This book is so great! Quick reference at your fingertips and all the great information you need.” - D.B of British Colombia, Canada

  • “It’s so beautifully written and illustrated!” - M.K. of Las Vegas, NV

  • “The crystal photography is beautiful!” - N.C. of Dallas, TX