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Angel Intuitive Readings - 30 or 60 minutes

Whether this is your first intuitive reading or you’ve had one before, receiving a reading with Cynthia  is like having a conversation with a good friend. The energy is loving and flows beautifully through all time and space while your Angels and Guardians assist you in achieving your highest good. Intuitive readings are done with the permission from your Guardian Angels to work directly with Cynthia’s Guardian Angels. The readings through a variety of video chat applications, such as Google, Zoom & Instagram Chat.

There are a few options to select from when booking a reading, thirty and sixty minute readings, so consider how many questions you want to address when deciding how much time you’ll want to allot. A thirty minute reading will allow for about two questions, depending on the nature of the situation/question. A sixty minute reading will allow for three to four questions, again, depending on the nature of the questions. Angel cards will be drawn at the end of the session and the images will be emailed to you along with any crystal or Angel Blessed blend suggestions to help in your healing and guidance.

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Salty & Sweet Card Reading

These messages are for those times when you need a quick attitude adjustment! They’re called Salty & Sweet for a reason. Using the fantastic oracle cards of The Rebel Deck by creator Shannon Gomez & Affirmators by KnockKnock, you’re sure to get a laugh and some insight all in one! Simply select your option of the original or couples edition and you’ll receive your message and a photo of your cards delivered to your email within 24 hours.

Just like salty nuts mixed with sweet goodness, the messages from these cards go together hand in hand!

The Rebel Deck is full of in-your-face sass with the occasional use of mature language. It tells it like it is! Affirmators is so sweet & funny, just like your cool Auntie who’s more like an awesome big sister. Put ‘em together and you’ve got the perfect balance of being told what’s up & how to get a handle on it!

** Be forewarned, if you don’t like "potty language” this isn’t the reading for you.**