Cynthia has always loved the knowledge that something bigger and greater is watching over us! Being an Angel Intuitive helps her to navigate the ebb and flow of daily life. She does daily card readings on her Instagram and Facebook pages @angelrootsandboots. Recently, she’s started posting videos on Instagram TV to share insightful Angel knowledge with the folks on social media.


Cynthia is a Certified Angel Intuitive. She earned her certifications through Radleigh Valentine, Garrett Jackson, Alex Levy & James Van Praagh. She's also honed her skills of Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairvoyance through many teachers along they way. Her knowledge is ever growing.



In her client's reading, she'll connect with their guides with messages to assist in achieving the highest good. After performing the reading, she often recommends an Angel Blessed Blend that she creates tailored to the client's needs to help them achieve their highest good and raise their vibration.