E20 Cynthia Long - A Life of Service

E20 Cynthia Long - A Life of Service

The Heart Gardener Podcast

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“Hi friends! I am thrilled to introduce Cynthia Long on the season finale today! She has always loved the knowledge that something bigger and greater is watching over us! Being an Angel Intuitive helps her to navigate the ebb and flow of daily life. She does readings on her Instagram & Facebook pages @angelrootsandboots, and shares insightful Angel knowledge with the folks on social media via IGTV. You can also find her at angelrootsandboots.com In this episode we talk about living a life of service, coming out of the spiritual closet, support system, getting away from the focus on the following and numbers to being of service, embracing your uniqueness, intuition, mentoring, how to deal with comparison, finding your voice, the fear of taking it to the next step, and so much more! I hope you have enjoyed this first season! Subscribe, share and leave a review if you like it!”

Archangel Raphael Grids // Angel Roots and Boots

“One of my recent favorite pieces of art iconography involving Archangel Raphael are the sacred geometry grids created by Angel Roots and Boots.  Grids are geometry-themed pieces designed to pair with crystals and they can be made out of virtually any material, though they’ve been popularized most when put on clothing. Angel Roots and Boots pieces are unique because they’re on wood.  An example of one of these pieces is above pictured.”

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a r c h a n g e l r a p h a e l - See the full Instagram post by Amanda Linette Meder here!

a r c h a n g e l r a p h a e l • Archangel Raphael is the healing angel of God and one of the first mentioned in the Bible. He generally comes through when a person is undergoing a transformational change. Notice I don’t say a positive or negative change, but instead a change that simply affects everything. These changes tend to happen in an instant, but, he’ll often be around in the 1-2 months prior and 1-2 months after the change, during the rise and fall period, too. It is not unlike this angel to stay with a person 2-3 months at a time. Some have him for longer. Healers, such as acupuncturists or medical RNs are often known to have Archangel Raphael as a lifetime Guardian Angel. 

Pictured is an Archangel Raphael Healing Grid created by @angelrootsandboots and sent by @beyondthewingspirit. Healing Grids are Crystal Grids designed for healing, crystal grids, being designed patterns you can put crystals on to amplify your intention when meditating around and near them. Kind of like you’re creating a miniature vortex in a very pretty way. Today is a great grounding day as Venus the heart planet is in Pisces the emotional section of the sky. So if you tend to get carried away and need a way to ground, playing with rocks (crystals) and creating a crystal design on a grid is definitely one way to do it, plus they make such pretty photos.

Check out the blog on this on the website at @thespiritwoman >> menu >> blog 😊

“I recently was introduced to power of crystal grids and how we can use them to enhance healing, manifesting and so much more. They act as a transmitter of sorts, holding the vibration of the intention you set for whatever purpose you’re using the grid.

I spoke with someone this week who creates the most gorgeous hand made crystal grids… so beautiful! Cynthia long is an Angel Intuitive, and creator of Angel blessed essential oils.

We talked about how she came to be an Angel intuitive, and the easiest way to connect with the Angels.

She told me all about her Cosmic Love Goddess online course and how she incorporates custom blend essential oils into her work.

I loved hearing her insights, especially her advice for using crystals and essential oils to enhance your spiritual practice.

If you work with the Angels, crystals or essential oils (or would like to start) this episode is a must see!”

Best Life Cafe

Join Cathy and Cari as they welcome Author, Crystal Alchemist and Angel Intuitive Cynthia Long! Cynthia will take us on a journey with her new E Book - Beyond Rose Quartz where she will share her knowledge of the next level of amazing crystals.. Have you ever wondered how you can create what you want with crystals in your life or home? Listen to the replay here!