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Welcome to Angel Roots and Boots!


Cynthia has always loved the knowledge that something bigger and greater is watching over us! She has had a soulful connection with the Angels and Spirit Guides from a very young age, but it wasn’t until she had a near death experience, that her skills magnified and could no longer be ignored.

In the beginning, she earned her Angel certifications through Radleigh Valentine and she developed her deeper skills of Claircognizance (clear knowing), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling) and Clairvoyance (clear sight) with the help of her mentor and friend, Garrett P. Jackson. It was in this deeper development, that she came to realize that there were so many ways to connect and help others out there with her soulful gifts. She has taken her intuitive abilities and channeled them into her Angel Blessed Essential Oil blends and also into curated and channeled grids.

Her love and longing to share the knowledge of crystals sparked her to write her eBook, Beyond Rose Quartz: Expanding Your Crystal Wisdom and to create online classes to teach others how to create their own crystal grids.

Cynthia has been a guest on podcasts and radio shows such as Best Life Cafe, The Heart Gardener with Genevieve Hart and The Fiercely Spiritual Podcast with Sandra Rea.

Cynthia continues her daily sharing of energy on her social media pages of Facebook and Instagram and the weekly upload of videos to YouTube.

Want to learn more about the many subjects of Angels, Goddesses, crystals, and essential oils via downloadable classes and live via Zoom and Instagram? You can do so by clicking here.

This grid has truly captured my essence and I’ll be forever grateful! I can feel the energy radiating from the grid each time I touch it! Each time I flip the grid over the energy of the room changes.
— Chayla Baer

These one of a kind channeled grids are made to order and are unique to the individual. Each one is channeled  with the grace, protection and divine love of the Archangels and Ascended Masters of your choosing. If you feel that you’re not certain which guide to call upon to work with, fear not, Cynthia can tune in to the energy and channel the energy that is best suited to you.

Channeled Essential Oil Blends

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Angel Blessed Blends are often recommended to clients to help them achieve their highest good and raise their vibration. Many blends can be built upon to help you in your daily life. Custom blends can also be created just for you to assist in any number of matters. Love, abundance, grief, sleep, study aids, and pain relief are all just a small sample of the custom blends that have been made for clients.

Each blend contains crystals selected intuitively by Cynthia to enhance the energy and vibration of the product. All blends are made with 100% therapeutic grade oils by Young Living and combined with either V-6 carrier oil or Witch Hazel, depending on the nature of the use.

Shipping costs are due to the fact the product is shipped via Priority Mail. They will arrive to you in a short amount of time and  most importantly, intact.

If you have any questions regarding the blends seen here, or you’d like to inquire about having a custom blend created for you, please reach out.


Whether this is your first intuitive reading or you’ve had one before, receiving a reading with Cynthia  is like having a conversation with a good friend. The energy is loving and flows beautifully through all time and space while your Angels and Guardians assist you in achieving your highest good. Intuitive readings are done with the permission from your Guardian Angels to work directly with Cynthia’s Guardian Angels. The readings through a variety of video chat applications, such as Google, Zoom & Instagram Chat.

There are a few options to select from when booking a reading, thirty and sixty minute readings, so consider how many questions you want to address when deciding how much time you’ll want to allot. A thirty minute reading will allow for about two questions, depending on the nature of the situation/question. A sixty minute reading will allow for three to four questions, again, depending on the nature of the questions. Angel cards will be drawn at the end of the session and the images will be emailed to you along with any crystal or Angel Blessed blend suggestions to help in your healing and guidance.

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