Crystal of the Week - Tourmaline

Photo by Cynthia Long

Photo by Cynthia Long


Tourmaline can be found in a variety of colors, each with its own vibration & meaning. Black is protective & grounding. You’ll find it paired here with amethyst for serenity & quartz for amplification.

Tourmaline is highly protective in nature and purifies the auric field by transmuting any negative energy into positive energy. It aligns all the chakras bringing you a sense of grounded clarity.  It screens and detoxes from electromagnetic fields such as TVs, computers, WiFi routers and cell phones. I personally keep one on my nightstand and one next to my computer to help minimize the effects on my mental & physical health.

Be certain to clear this stone frequently, (with a piece of selenite or quick salt water bath) as it does pick up and clear away a lot of energy. You’ll want it working at its peak.

Here’s your affirmation to use with this beauty; “Thank you for clearing and protecting my energy. I release all stress and move forward with a clear aura.” Have a peaceful day.