Crystal of the Week - Rose Quartz

Photo by Cynthia Long

Photo by Cynthia Long

Rose Quartz

When asking the Devas (crystal Angels) which stone they’d like to share, they first showed me golden rays of light. This light rose higher & higher in the air & then burst into infinite sparkles that rained down upon the world, releasing divine love, peace, trust & harmony ... just like our beautiful Rose Quartz. This gentle stone allows us to open our hearts with unconditional love. Love isn’t just about romance. It’s also about friendships, family relationships, and the relationship to the self.

When clients come to me seeking ways to spark romantic love in their life, I like to ask the question, “How are you lovingly treating yourself?” Love starts with ourselves. Healing our old wounds with love & compassion allows the opening to attract love. Because you must first love yourself unconditionally before you can allow someone else to truly love you.

And remember to always see yourself as worthy and whole, because that’s what you are! You’re not looking to do a “Jerry Maguire - You Complete Me” bit with someone.

Affirm: “I am worthy and whole. Giving love and receiving love is my divine right.” Infinite blessings my friend.