Crystal of the Week - Pyrite

Photo by Cynthia Long

Photo by Cynthia Long


Pyrite is the stone associated with abundance & success. Pyrite earned its nickname of, Fool’s Gold, because of its frequent proximity to searching for & finding gold. For those who are willing to put forth the effort to follow their dreams, it’s helpful in uncovering creative ideas & building self-confidence in journeys to success. It’s also great for those prone to procrastination because of its fast moving energies.

Pyrite is featured here in a grid of prosperity & abundance with the accompanying stones of Citrine, Tiger’s Eye & Jade. I keep this grid in the Abundance Feng Shui sector of my home and also a small section in my office. If you’re curious where this sector is in your home or office, it’s easily located and activated. Envision your dwelling looking inward from the front door. The abundance sector will be in the rear left corner. You can apply this same visual with your office or business as well. In addition to keeping these stones together in my home, I also include them in my Abundance channeled essential oil blend. I love applying this oil when I’m going shopping, balancing my budget and when I’m needing a little boost from the universe.

So my friends, what dreams are you ready to abundantly bring forth?