Crystal of the Week - Apophyllite


Apophyllite is a powerful stone for tuning into the higher realms. It is useful during meditation, shamanic and akashic work. You’ll find it paired here with rose quartz for heart opening & smoky quartz for additional grounding.

Apophyllite is an effective conductor and enables the energy and information found in higher esoteric travels to be transmitted into consciousness. It’s often considered to be one of the favorite tools for those that are wishing to access their Akashic records. It is also useful for astral travel and doing past life regression. This stone has a way of promoting the truth and giving the user the ability to see oneself and their situation clearly. It’s properties help ground and soothe the user leading them to feel calmer and more grounded.

Affirm, “I release whatever is holding me back & am open to revealing my truth. Thank you & so it is.” Have a peaceful day.