Manifesting With Intention - A Crystal Grid Class

Manifesting With Intention - A Crystal Grid Class


We’ve all been online and seen some amazing looking and incredibly powerful feeling crystal grids. Some of them are so intricate with crystals, fresh flower petals and carefully placed pieces of Himalayan sea salt that it’s enough to send immediate feelings of doubt that you could ever create something so carefully crafted!

But I’m here to share with you that you can, but you don’t have to! Creating your own grids to harness the energy of manifesting doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You can easily work with what you have and tap into the energy just the same as some Pinterest-worthy art piece.

In this 48 minute class, I’ll be teaching you how to do just that. You don’t need fancy materials, just your loving intention and a few favorite crystals.

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The only materials you will need are a few of your favorite crystals, some clear quartz crystal points (available at your local craft store in the jewelry/bead section) and a spot to set them up where they won’t be disturbed.

I ask that you be respectful to me, the creator, and do not share this content with others who have not rightfully paid for the class.