Photo May 19, 6 52 31 PM.jpg

This grid was a first of its kind and such a shift from previous channels I've done before. The energy that came through was that of the client's higher self and her spirit guides. They imbued so much joy, fun and laughter into this piece!

Photo May 07, 9 52 28 AM.jpg

This cosmic grid was created with the loving compassion and divine assistance from the universe. The center stone of Angelite brings peace, tranquility and focus and aids in the clear communication with Spirit and the divine. It also facilitates in the act of forgiveness. Rose quartz provides a peaceful and compassionate loving energy to the grid. Kiwi jasper lifts away stress and promotes emotional balance. This energy all comes together and is amplified by the use of the clear quartz points at the outside of the grid to send the energy out to all those that are called to connect with it.

Photo Mar 19, 12 30 01 PM.jpg

This grid was channeled with the loving and peaceful energy of the Ascended Master, Lakshmi. The beautiful energy shared here is one of abundance and fortune as it shines its grid of a lotus flower to signify the symbolism of fortune, self-knowledge and spirituality.

Photo Feb 17, 8 26 01 PM.jpg

This grid captures the beauty, strength and energy that is Mother Mary and Archangel Metatron combined. The energy that radiates from this grid is soothing, yet powerfully transforming. Selenite infused paint keeps this, and all channeled grids, at peak energetic performance at all times.